20 fabulous beauty tricks that'll make life much prettier

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* Disguising under eye bags

Most ppl just lays concealer to the entire eye area, instead it's best to highlight the crease then apply a dark let shade to the puffy area


*Before washing your hair, (natural or extentions be sure to comb or brush it out completely!, this will eliminate tangling, you'll thank me later


*In the habit of "pumping" your mascara???...DONT!...not only are you pushing air and bacteria inside your tube, but you're drying it out as well, next time rub the wand around, and when it begins to dry out, squeeze a few drops of Visine  (any brand of eye drops) into the tube, rub it around and viola, just like new!


*Small trick I like to do in the a.m...after brushing my teeth, I simply brush my lips gently, I find it removes any excess dead skin leaving my lips smooth and lipstick ready, or create a simple exfoliate with sugar and oil (olive, coconut or any natural oil) rub into lips and wipe off, you'll have smooth soft lips


*Understand what eyeliner does to your eyes, lining your water line with white eyeliner will give the illusion of bigger eyes, and lining them with black does the opposite 

*When applying mascara, apply in back in forth motion at the roots for full coverage, if you're a beginner and find it messy, ain't place a business card behind it for a little security 


*If you're unable to rod your hair at night, simply plait hair in 4-5 braids, if you don't have a scarf pin them up, when you wake in the a.m you'll have a beautiful natural wave,


*To help eyeliner on lower lid stay in place throughout the day, sweep loose powder under the eyeliner after applying,  it creates a light barrier, preventing your liner from smearing down 


*When applying foundation to your face, sweep your brush downward instead of upward, our hair grows downward and going against the grain will leave it visibly noticeable


*For clump-less mascara application, 1) take clean lash brush, wet it lightly then brush lashes 2) before each coat wipe wand off on tissue to remove excess mascara to prevent clumps, may seem like wasting mascara but trust me, lashes will look incredible!


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