Hair washing 101

Hair washing 101

As a professional the biggest flaw I see in clients at home hair care is not only the use of low-quality shampoos and conditioners but their entire wash regimen in general is completely flawed from beginning to end. They're either not doing it often enough or are doing such a rushed job it is equivalent to not getting it done at all. When washing your hair, you must get into the spirit of it you must understand that your hair is an extension of your soul, take your time and clean your scalp thoroughly most of us have thick hair so it takes several shampoos to get to the scalp, that is OK! Take your time, give your hair that proper care that it deserves, you cannot expect your hair to grow and be healthy or be disappointed and upset because the lack of growth or the lack of healthiness when you do not even take the time to give your hair a good cleaning, this is the foundation of healthy beautiful hair, here are a few tips to consider when washing your hair 


  1. Do not rush, plan a time to wash your hair  
  1. Depending on how thick the hair is and if you just taken out a weave or braids you need to thoroughly brush and comb your hair out. I always start with a wide tooth comb, that allows me to remove most of the dead hair (FYI if you’ve just taken out braids or weave the longer you’ve had it in, the more dead hair you’re going to have, so take your time and comb that dead hair out) after using a wide tooth comb to remove the majority of the dead hair upgrade to a smaller tooth comb, don’t rip your hair, the comb shouldn’t be extremely small but just smaller than the wide tooth to get the remainder of the dead hair out of your head. Failing to remove the dead hair before washing will result in your hair tangling or interlocking like a dread, it is extremely dangerous, I have seen firsthand clients having to cut their hair because they skipped this step, please do not skip steps.  
  1. At that point after you have combed out your hair now you have several options, you can proceed with the shampoo (make sure you have a moisturizing shampoo we can get into products details later) or you can precondition the hair, obviously this step will better serve you, but it is optional. The FIRST shampoo is just to remove surface dirt, there is no way you are going get the scalp clean in just one shampoo but removing the surface dirt allows you to better maneuver through your hair, some of us have thick hair so the SECOND shampoo you will need to part the hair and put shampoo directly on the scalp as if we were rubbing oils or grease on it. I like to make five or six parts in the hair in different directions and lay shampoo directly on the scalp, that way you can use your fingertips to massage and clean the scalp. If you are finding your hair is still dirty, then proceed with another shampoo but if not rinse thoroughly you are ready to move on to the conditioning segment. 
  1. After your hair is completely rinsed take a towel and absorb most of the water so your cuticle is not soaking wet doing this step will allow the cuticle to absorb the conditioner, if you skip this step and just proceed with conditioning the cuticle will be full of water so therefore it will not absorb as much conditioner. If time allows cover the hair with a plastic cap and sit under a warm dryer for about 15 minutes, then proceed to rinsing very well with cool/lukewarm water. After a thorough rinse use a leave-in conditioner, if your hair is extremely unruly, part it in four quadrants blow dry the ends with brush on low heat until dry then proceed with styling or braid each section until your weave installation.  

*******take it to the next level and use "Dys Hair Dynasty" scalp stimulating oil, massage into the scalp and rub any excess on the hair itself. 

Unless your hair is in braids or some sort of weave it’s best to wash your hair every four to five days for the first four to six weeks of this new hair care regimen. 


Final thoughts;  

I know our lives are busier now more than ever, I’m understanding and empathetic to that I hope this article has helped you begin to understand the intricacy and correlation of health and hair. If you are experiencing hair loss and you’re finally ready to act, please book me here, I offer a variety of treatments and custom hair growth plans. Love ya, Happy hair!!  


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