Importance of Hair Retention

Importance of Hair Retention

When it comes to growing long hair, most people focus on trying to grow their hair…


Which seems like the obvious answer, but surprisingly growing is the easy part.


It’s retaining the growth that most people ignore,


Unless you have an illness that causes hair loss, you’re nutritionally deficient or hair loss runs in the family(genetic)... 


Your hair is growing! 


You're probably thinking “so why can't I see it?”


It's because your hair is breaking off as much as its growing….


So you're not retaining the growth.


Instead of focusing solely on growing your hair, you have to nourish the healthy stands to prevent damage and breakage. 


Here are 3 simple but profound changes that will help you practice hair retention instead of breakage. 


1.CAREFULLY taking down braids or any other protective style…usually we’re in a rush and there's a lot of ripping and breaking that happens, try mixing conditioner and water in an applicator bottle and apply the solution to the ends and stands, this will make the process much easier and prevent breakage. 


2.After doing a PROPER wash (Hair washing 101 guide), use a intense repairing conditioner, focusing on the shaft & ends to keep the “newer” hair from splitting


3.Don't assume you need another trim, most stylist will tell you to cut it off because its “dead hair” and yes an initial trim may be necessary but trimming every 6 weeks is just cutting off your progress, instead focus on repairing what's there and SEALING THE ENDS with a good hair growth oil


Follow these easy steps and you'll definitely see a significant difference in retaining the length of your hair. 


But for those who believe they are suffering from some form of hair loss or thinning


As a certified trichologist I will help you get to the root cause… 


And create a growth plan to get your natural hair healthier than ever,


Ps, If you're looking to jump start your healthy hair journey my HAIR DETOX will change your life book your appointment today.

 Hope this helps...happy hair✌️

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