Collection: Fannie Marie Collection

This hair collection was influenced in remembrance of Fannie & Michael Lewis who are no longer with us. Fannie was and will forever be my best friend and biggest supporter, she praised all my accomplishments as well as uplifted me during the times I was unmotivated. Words cant explain the Love we share or how much she's missed. She will always live in my heart and now she is alive in my brand. I've decided to put together a collection to represent her. She loved to wear fun colors so this collection is bright and colorful just like her personality and how we all remember her. Fannie had a giving heart and always dreamed of building homeless shelters equipped with all the resources necessary to help the less fortunate obtain stability. To help build her cause 10% of profits made from the Fannie Marie Collection will be used to helping one homeless person at a time providing them, food, clothing or other resources they may need. Fannie & I both appreciate your support as her legacy lives on. 

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