Hair Loss Solutions

Hello my name is Dytanya Allgood W.T.S trichologist, cosmetologist and founder of Dynasty Hair Solutions. We specialize in hair loss, scalp conditions and provide essential hair care products, wigs and hair pieces. I've been studying hair care for about 10 years now; I've received my cosmetology license in 2014 and earned my trichology degree in Nov 2020. We found a major lack of clean ecofriendly hair care products in the market, so we decided to create our own.  The mission of the company is to provide you with essential products that have been formulated to give you the best results for hair and scalp health.  

Alongside my studies for hair, I've been on a personal quest for health and fitness, and now as a trichologist I have the knowledge to bridge the two together. The majority of people who suffer from hair loss can be traced to a vitamin or mineral deficiency & a poor diet. The biggest insider I give my patients & clients is that healthy hair starts from the inside, it's IMPOSSIBLE to treat your hair externally without addressing internal nutritional value. It's my passion to work with my patients in getting to the root cause and then work towards solutions. I provide meal plans, supplements, and a large array of products for long term improvements and cosmetic solutions. If you’re looking to book a consultation, please feel free to email me with subject line “HAIR GROWTH” at I’m looking forward to hearing from you.