Forever & A Day is proud to present to you custom made units, you may refer to them as "wigs" but these timeless pieces are NOT like your ordinary wigs, they are hand crafted and custom made to fit your crown, made from our very own virgin hair, its like getting a sew in without the process.Here are just a few of the pros to owning one of these pieces

  • No longer have to sit for the process of a sewn installation
  • A more confident,  better you
  • No longer have to keep damaging your leave-out from your sew ins
  • Flawless look in minutes; literally
  • Ability to treat your natural hair as often as you'd like because commitment is optional
  • Minimum tension on your natural hair than any other traditional weaving technique
  • Undetectable; Completely natural looking and feeling
  • Longer lifespan of your virgin hair due to moderate wearing!
  • Ability to use adhesives if desired or glue-less
  • Once you own one of these units you'll find many more benefits!


  • So lets get started! The following are introductory styles, however you can use your creativity to order any look you want!  All units have combs for security and elastic bands are optional for additional support, complete measurements will be needed for the customization process on frontal units, all units ship out in 21-28 days unless states "READY TO SHIP", expedited shipping is also available. Now is the perfect opportunity to begin a collection, grab several units and alternate them for your every mood!


    unit with closure; $575 
    unit with frontal; $625

    This is a number one seller for a reason. Shes our classic signature style, 24 inches of beauty, her natural pattern is the same as our beach ready wave, what you see here is that shes pressed out into our classic style, want to rock the beach wave?, no problem, simply mist her down and she effortlessly wave into her natural state. Shes made with 10.5 and ounces of hair plus your choice of either a lace closure or a frontal, knots are not bleached, you will receive her styled as shown.




    unit with closure; $429
    unit with frontal; $469  

    Shes 18 inches of a perfect pattern, naturally layered and ready to wear. These soft coils can be pressed out if desired but best worn in her natural state, shes made with 7 ounces of thick virgin tresses plus your choice of either a closure and a frontal, knots are not bleached, you'll receive her styled as shown. 



    unit with closure; $490
    unit with frontal $445

    She so natural! Perfect for every occasion, made with 7 ounces of 18 inch virgin beach wave or straight and a lace frontal, or 10.5 ounces and a closure shes perfect for daily wear, lightweight and holds a curl beautifully, knots are not bleached and you'll receive her styled as shown.  




    unit with closure $730
    unit with frontal $775

    Satin silky! She is a must have in your unit collection, this fierce piece will give you a new attitude, shes 26 inches of silkiness and smooth to the touch, full of life and lust shes made with 14 ounces of virgin hair plus your choice of a closure or frontal, the knots are not bleached, you'll receive her styled as shown. 







    .BUILD-A-UNIT this unique feature allows you the ability to create any look you desire, as far as your creativity can go so can our ability; color, length or style delivered right to your door,