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Cyclical therapy provides the necessary supplement for hair as well as our general wellness. Follicular Advance Cyclical Therapy constitutes balanced doses of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that is formulated and prescribed in a way that no ingredients interfere with each other.

For example, excess vitamin A, E, Omega 3, causes hair loss. Iron and Calcium if used on the same day, interacts with each other and reduce efficiency by 40%.

In addition to that it constitutes of topical vasodilator and Low Level Laser that improves the blood circulation, reduces toxicity in the capillaries around the hair root enabling proper transportation of the nutrients to the hair roots.  

Research shows that significant visible results are witnessed within 2-4 months of treatment but new hairs keep on sprouting in the bald area till 18-24 months. So the therapy is recommended for 24 months 


1) PROGRAM COVERS ALL BODY REQUIREMENT of essential nutrients and vitamins for good health without any overdoses. No other vitamins or supplements are required to be taken for wellness.
2) VITAMINS CAN CONTINUE WITH any other treatment, they do not interact with other medications. 
3) THE ANTIOXIDENTS used to help fight effects of stress and neutralizes toxins in the body. 
4) WAKING UP FRESH IN THE MORNING, feeling energetic and do not get tired easily, have better stamina to get through the days work. 
5) SMALL JOINT PAINS, aches, body stiffness seem to disappear and you can perform better.
6) IMPROVEMENT OF SKIN HEALTH & TEXTURE while using Hair Fact Advanced Cyclical Therapy  

7) THE MICRO NUTRIENT BALANCE WHEN COMBINED with Low Light Laser Therapy rejuvenates natural stem cells in the scalp to create new growing hair roots. Patients get 30% or more hair without a transplant.  

Inokin kit has a very effective combination.

1. Antioxidants to neutralize Oxidative Stress, have anti inflammatory effect.


2. Micronutrients

Minerals, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin D, Amino acids that build immunity.


3. Pumpkin seed oil that counters DHT.


4. Chromium compounds,

Inositol and Cinnamomum cassia medicinal bark which counter Insulin Resistance and act as Hormone regulators.

 This is a kit with multiple benefits. We have observed clinical improvements in:


- Obesity

- Type 2 Diabetes

- Stress

- Peri & Post Menopause

- Puberty hormone surge



***if you’re currently taking ANY medications please consult with your physician before taking Hair Fact 

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