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Magic Hair Growth Oil

Magic Hair Growth Oil

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Take your hair growth regimen to the next level.

Using the right combination of oils plays a massive role when it comes to hair growth. This "magic" growth oil has been designed from a growth specialist perspective to enhance the nourishment of your hair follicles, as well as increasing the blood flow. 

Enhance the growth response; the combination of antifungal and antibacterial properties creates a clean healthy environment that stimulates follicles to produce new hairs. 

Suitable for all hair types; Made with 100% natural organic ingredients so it can be used as a standalone product or mixed in your shampoo & conditioner for enhanced stimulation. 

Protects your scalp; the special blend of oils boost your scalps immunity protecting it from harmful pathogens that cause irritation and dandruff. 

Adjustable strength; use daily directly on the hair and scalp or use as a treatment with steam to enhance the potency. 

Helps retain growth; adds a barrier of moisture to protect again breakage helping you retain your hair growth. 

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