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Maximum GROWTH serum

Maximum GROWTH serum

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Stop your hair loss and restore healthy growing hair. 

There are many reasons for hair loss and thinning, this maximum fast acting serum aids in growth no matter what hair loss type you have, it nourishes the follicles for rapid stimulation and maximum growth.

Enhanced nourishment: you'll begin to see hair growth in a little as one week with consistant use. 

Speeds growth cycle: hair loss is a disruption in the growth phase and extended resting period, this serum is intended to reverse that disruption and shorten the resting phase, with a unique blend of the right natural ingredients you'll see much more hair growth in a shorter time frame. 

Suitable for all types: no matter which type of hair loss you suffer this serum will target the follicle to begin the penetration process and expedite growth. 

Protect the follicle: with anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties it serves as an additional armor of protection by blocking the penetration of harmful styling or environmental agents.

Adjustable strength: can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with essential oils to enhance affects if needed. 

Helps maintain growth: regardless of you showing apparent hair loss or not this serum serves as a retainer to prevent future loss. 

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