Weft Bundles

  • $ 45.00

Our bundles are 9 grade with minimum processing so you wont have excessive shedding or tangles. Available in 6 textures so you're sure to find the perfect fit you're looking for. Please note; hair is lightweight and does not require heavy products, adding heavy oils and sprays will weigh the hair down as well as take away from the quality. 


  • Straight- bone straight without the frizz, has natural luster shine
  • Body Wave- holds a curl beautifully also gets bone straight if desired
  • Deep Wave-soft tangle free curls,will straighten but meant to be worn in natural curl pattern
  • Water Wave resembles the Deep Wave just not as tight of curl, similar to a water fall
  • Natural Curl  is the perfect comb of Deep & Water giving a perfect balance of both.
  • Africoid Kinky is close to unrelaxed African American hair, its thick and presses out beautifully when desired. 

Weft type

  • Double stitched reinforcement 


  • 3.5 oz or 100g per bundle


  • Natural Black


  • Available in lengths 10"-30"