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What's Included:

    💎Scalp Detox- Remove Dandruff, Scalp Acne & Itchiness For Good. Let your Follicles Feel The Relief of Build-up and Dead Cells And Watch Your Hair Grow- $350 Value

    • Loosen Dandruff & Debris
    • Unclogs Pores for Better Penetration
    • Improves Blood Flow to Enhance Growth
    • Begins Balances Scalps PH Levels 
    • Strips Away Buildup Missed By Regular Shampoo
    • Hair Mask to Replenish Moisture 
    • Soothing Aloe Scalp Mask

    💎Penetrating Steam Therapy- Open Your Stands & Follicles To Absorption Improvement Resulting in Less Breakage & Split Ends- $250 Value

    • Great for Dandruff & Seborrheic Dermatitis
    • Laxity Massage to Activate Nerve & Tissues Underneath Scalp
    • Stimulate Follicles for Growth
    • Prevents Bacteria, Fungi & Yeast Buildup 
    • Opens & Softens Cuticles

    💎Grey Hair Coverage- Boost Your Youthfulness and Have people Guessing Your Age. Keep Grey At Bay- $150 Value

    • Say Good-Bye to Stubborn Grey Hair

    💎Low-Level Laser Light Therapy- Control Hair Thinning and Watch your Thickness Thrive, Great For Genetic Hair Loss Too!- $200 Value 

    • Reduces Scalp Inflammation & Pain
    • Stimulates Follicles for Growth
    • ATP Production for Tissue Repair
    • Improves Circulation- Blood Flow & Lymphatic
    • Reduces Swelling
    • Stimulate Collagen Production

    💎Sew in Hair Growth Installation & Mid Point Retouch- Receive Immediate Growth & Volume. The Fastest Extension Method for Hair Growth in the Industry- $550 Value

    • Our Famous Durable Installs are Built to Last
    • The Most Natural looking of All Other Methods
    • Versatility- experiment with Different Styles and Looks 
    • Secure and Comfortable 
    • Protective to Allow you Natural Hair to Grow and Flourish 
    • Low Maintenance
    • Mid Point Retouch 

    💎Brazilian Blowout Leave-out Treatment- No More Heat Damage To Your Leave Out! This Treatment is Proven to Provide Blended, and Reduces The Need For Excessive Heat- $350 Value 

    • Frizz- Free Leave Out for Perfect Blending
    • No Down-Time, Can Wash, Exercise & Style with No Wait Time
    • Last Up To 12 Weeks
    • Safe For All Hair Types
    • Enhances Natural Shine
    • Ammino Acid Treatment - Rebuilds Protein Bonds to Strengthen Hair

    $5,000  $999...80% OFF BLACK FRIDAY WEENDEND SALE

    ⚠️Bonus! Purchase Today & Get...

    💎Hair & Scalp Analysis Report -Get To The Root Cause of Your Hair Loss And Identify Patterns & Triggers. Become the Expert of Your Hair Health instead of the patient- $1,200 Value

    • Microscopic Exam 
    • Hair Shaft Abnormalities
    • Identify Hair Loss Patterns
    • Hair Pull Test
    • History & Lifestyle Evaluation
    • Scarring & Inflammation
    • Infection Screening
    • Hair Density & Nutritional Loss
    • Hair & Scalp Disorders 

    💎Biomarker Assessment & Evaluation-  In-Depth Review Nutritional Factors That Impact your Hair Health, Assisted By a team of Medical Doctors and Professionals Across the World Dedicated to Optimizing Your Hair Health. - $1200 Value

    • Primary Factors for Assessment:
    • Hormonal Levels 
    • Essential Vitamins & Minerals
    • Thyroid Function  

    💎 Supplement, Lifestyle & Nutrition Plan-  Over $50K Invested to create this custom lifestyle/ nutrition & supplement Plan. Create A Holistic Foundation To Unlock Your Hair Health From Inside Out, Doing So Promotes A Healthier Version Of You- $750 Value

    • Customized Food Recommendation Specific To Your Blood Type
    • Personalized Supplement Plan To Optimize Your Hair Health
    • Effective Stress Management Techniques  
    • Simple Nutrition Adjustments, No Strenuous Diets or Deprivation


    My team and I are so confident in our ability to help you. If you don't see results from the ultimate growth plan your next treatment and install is absolutely FREE of charge to you!....PLUS your personalized plan will be refined until YOU are satisfied with your results. Our personal promise to you. 

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