Collection: Black Diamond Winter Collection

Around this time every year I get ask the same question, what’s the best color to wear for winter? I always have the same answer jet black! Jet black gives the hair a silky natural shine and goes well with a variety of skin tones, hair always looks the healthiest when it’s jet black. So by popular demand I introduced to you the Black Diamond Winter Collection this collection includes the top three most requested textures in the game, you have the straight, the body wave, and the infamous loose wave, the versatility is endless with the HD frontal the HD 5 x 5 closure in the HD transparent 4 x 4 lace closure this is beginner friendly & expert quality. You have the option to wear with or without glue and they all are equipped with an adjustable Elastic band so you have maximum-security. Baby hair and glue are always an option with Dy’s units. Grab one, Two or all 3 and enjoy!

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